unFIX Your Organization: Flexible Team Structures for Software Success




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Please note: The training will be held in English.

In today's rapidly evolving software industry, traditional organizational structures often hinder innovation and responsiveness. "unFIX Your Organization" is a hands-on mini-workshop designed to help software development teams break free from rigid frameworks and embrace dynamic, flexible structures. By leveraging the unFIX model, participants will learn to create happier, more productive teams that swiftly adapt to market changes and business opportunities.


Workshop Content

  • The unFIX model
    • Introduction, Overview
  • Structural Design
    • Understanding Base, Crew, and Forum Types
  • Strategies for enabling employees to focus and deliver value
    • Avoiding cognitive overload
    • Gain flexibility with dynamic re-teaming
  • Applying unFIX
    • Hands-on exercises with the structural patterns
    • Practical exercises to build flexible teams within the organization


Learning Goals

  • Understand the unFIX model and its application in software development teams.
  • Learn to create flexible team structures that enhance employee happiness and productivity.
  • Develop strategies to minimize cognitive load and maximize team effectiveness.
  • Gain practical experience in dynamic re-teaming and organizational design through hands-on exercises.


Target Group

  • Product Managers and Team Leaders in software development.
  • Lean and Agile Coaches and Consultants looking to enhance their toolkit.
  • Business Leaders and Middle Managers seeking to drive organizational change.
  • Change Agents and Innovation Champions dedicated to fostering a flexible and dynamic work environment.


Join us for an engaging and interactive session that will equip you with the tools and insights to unfix your organization and lead your software teams to new heights of success!

The unFIX model, created by Jurgen Appelo, provides a pattern library for designing versatile organizations that prioritize continuous innovation and a superior human experience.


Jens Thiemann is founding member and Chief Outcome Officer of Jurgen Appelo's unFIX Company. Graduate in computer science, leadership and organizational design coach with over twenty years of management experience in various company sizes/forms.

Jens is driven to create better forms of collaboration with the aim of making employees more motivated and self-determined and thus delivering better products and services for their customers. As a member of the unFIX Company, Jens has already designed numerous workshops and online sessions on the topic of unFIX.

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